My name is Paul Morris

Thanks for dropping by.

First of all, what you will find on this website is the complete text of my novel, "SON OF MAN," formerly published as "The Justus Scrolls."

The book is posted here on this website in its entirety for your consumption and pleasure and without any charge whatsoever. The actual book, of course, is available for purchase in paperback and kindle, under its old title, "The Justus Scrolls," but you can read the new and improved text right here without any payment at all -- until it comes out in print form. Even then, it will still be free to read right here.

If you have an interest in biblical theology, the rest of this website is dedicated to that end. Feel free to walk or run through its webpages to your heart's content. I like a few smiles sprinkled between the lines. That's what you may find in "Letters to Lizzie Mae," "Daisy Inspirations," and "Stories and Stuff."

Thanks again, enjoy your time here.